Monday, April 1, 2013

A June & J Beat - Special EP (Hardcore) (Official P/V)

Hot News!!! today new release!! 

(새로운 앨범 홍보영상공개)

plz check this

A June & J Beat - Special EP (Hardcore) (Official P/V) !!!

All Produced by A June & J Beat of Neckbreakerz

A June & J Beat of Link6 introduced a new "Special EP"!!!! 

- "Hostile Apostles" is done by Evil Intentions . And DJ Drew Dollars who was the DJ of Jedi Mind Tricks. 
- "On Lock" is done by Grand Architect, Nick Furiousand and Epic Beats. 
- "Zoo Animals" is done by Canadian rapper Acetik and T Gramz. 
They worked on the all of the tracks producing and engineering. 
The album art is done by Korean artist HODA. 
Then, this album included the acapella version of On Lock and instrumental version together.

world release -

and more

korea release -

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