Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Street Cypher I Mixtape

Street Cypher I Mixtape

Street Cypher 1 Mixtape Series Launch

I'm listening to in Hulkshare:

I'm listening to in Hulkshare:

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cook Book Records Introducing the Premier of     “Street Cypher I” International Mix Tape! Grand Architect and Ill-a-str8d Known as Double Helix have been hunting and gathering for some of the most unique talents that span across globe to join together for the ultimate movement. Based off the classic vs. game, “Street Cypher I” brings it back to the authentic passion of the streets, passing the mic from continent to country. Better yet you don’t have to spend even a single quarter because the “Street Cypher” series will be all FREE! Using your best strategy to defeat the game and above all choosing the right team to win!

You couldn’t go wrong selecting these characters. Ranging from national super rappers such as, MC Subcon (CO), Guilty Smiles (AZ), Bodi (CO), B Franks (UT), Fitch Head (UT) Evolution (CO), Ephameracans (NM), Dusk Raps (UT), Nick Fury (NM) and More all the way to international legends like French phenoms Akalmy, South Africa’s own Weez and the methodical butcher Frosty Fin from Finland. 9+ producers provide an incredible sound variety. Beats by DJ Kaotic, DJ Darth, Geomtrk, Epique, Crisis Musik, Frosty Fin and including additional in house production by Double Helix gives the mix tape an assortment of vibes. Also DJ Cuts from DJ C-Nice, Geomtrk and The Grand Architect.

This is not the first installment to our ever expanding empire and definitely won’t be the last. This is only a beginning, Cook Book Records has already planned to let loose “Street Cypher II” in the fall and continue seasonally releasing free downloadable mix tapes. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we are currently accepting submissions. 20 slots 20 USDs serious inquiries only. Check submission information below CBR Is dedicated to promoting and can exponentially help out you exposure.

Hip Hop is something worth fighting for, so join us for this unbelievable clash, “Street Cypher I”!

Contact: grandarchfans@yahoo.com For Information Packets and Be Sure to Visit


Tracks Recorded at various locals including Double Helix’s “Kitchen”, Pig Latin Productions Studios, And More.

All Tracks Arranged By The Grand Architect.

All Artwork Generated By The Grand Architect.

Grand Architect’s New Super Single “Crop Circles” Feat. B Real From Cypress Hill and Double Helix’s New EP “The Strain” Feat. Main Flow, J Sands and More All Available

and Digital Outlets Worldwide
All Rights Reserved Cook Book Records © 2012

Track List

  1. Round 1
  2. Cheat A Friend Feat. Arch Rivals (Ill-a-str8d and Nick Furious) and Grim
  3. Booyah Feat. Ephameracans (Soy The Organic Hispanic, Geomtrk and Epique)
  4. Live In Stereo Feat. Evolution
  5. ARU Feat Arch Rivals (Ill-a-str8d and Nick Furious)
  6. Execution Fashion Feat. Guilty Smiles
  7. Shoot For The Top
  8. Feel That Energy Feat. Bodi
  9. Need The Change
  10. Fight For This Spot Feat. MC Subcon
  11. Grand Slam
  12. Strong Enough Feat. Akalmy
  13. Tear It Up
  14. Story Of An Emcee Feat Dusk Raps
  15. Super Deluxe
  16. Perfection Feat. Weez
  17. 3 Months Feat. Double Helix (Grand Architect and Ill-a-str8d)
  18. Put It On The Bible Feat B Franks and Fitch Head

Production Notes

1,6,7,16,17 Produced By Ill-a-str8d

14 Produced By The Grand Architect
2,8 Co-Production By Double Helix (Grand Architect and Ill-a-str8d)
3 Prod. By Geomtrk
4 Prod. By DJ Kaotic
5 Prod. By Frosty Fin
9 Prod. By DJ Darth
11 Prod. By VJ Smooth
12 Prod. By Akalmy
13 Prod. By Crises Musik
15 Prod. By Epique
18 Prod. By B Franks

Additional Notes

Recordings for 18 done in Utah. Recording for 2,3,5, 7,17 done in New Mexico. Recording for 4,8,9,10,11,13,15 done in Colorado. Special Thanks to All who were involved.

Monday, July 16, 2012

4. Going On Tour Double Helix Feat. Main Flow

4. Going On Tour Double Helix Feat. Main Flow

This Is IT!
Double Helix's "The Strain", EP Album Has Arrived! Double Helix is The Hip Hop Duo, Illastr8ed emcee/producer and The Grand Architect emcee/producer. Three years in the making, the album first came in to fruition when Double Helix locked in the initial collaborative track "Going On Tour" featuring Main Flow. Then DH completed the other super single off the album, "So Smooth" featuring J Sands and Rashad. The crew just kept linking up with the perfect combinations for musical magic, now over international boarders Double Helix works with Akalmy a group thoroughly established in French Hip Hop scene. As the material kept growing so did the bond between the two already powerful forces. Grand Architect and Illastra8ed have solidified more upcoming projects including an LP to fully showcase their musical aptitude. Announcement date for "The Strain" EP are as follows 1/1/2012 Pre Orders commence, then 3/6/12 It Drops! Login www.cookbookrecords.com
As well as Bandcamp, Cook Book Records Is Releasing The Album in Physical Copies Available Through CD Baby and on the Following Digital Distributors:
Track List Leak:
1. Point Of Origin Feat Cut By DJ Codebreaka
2. The Foundation Feat Project O
3. Keep Classy
4. Going On Tour Feat Main Flow
5. Before I Even Met You Feat Akalmy
6. For The Fans
7. So Smooth Feat J Sands and Rashad
8. Cruise The Scene
If You can't help with the order any donation would be extremely appreciated.http://www.indiegogo.com/Grand-Architect?a=409918
Here's A Video Sampler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azzYVkb_i78&feature=related and Audio Double Helix "The Strain" Sampler PRE-ORDER 1/1/12 AVAIL 3/6/12 by The Grand Architect
All Tracks Recorded at The "Kitchen" Studios Rio Rancho, NM.
All Tracks Mixed, Arranged and Mastered By The Grand Architect.
Trust Uno Appears Courtesy Of TNT (Trust and Trebol Ent.)
All Artwork Original and Generated By Paragone Celestial and Diverge (Darrin Williams)
This and Much More Available at cookbookrecords.com and thegrandarchitect.bandcamp.com
All Rights Reserved Cook Book Records ©